Your recommendations sought: sexual assault in the military


Charles A. Blanchard, General Counsel, United States Air Force asks for your recommendations on reducing sexual assault in the military. Blanchard, writing at Air Force General Counsel Blog:

As anyone even remotely paying attention to the news already knows, the focus of many of us in the Pentagon (and the White House and Congress) is on the problem of sexual assault in the military. The leadership of all the military services is focused on the issue and the Air Force is no exception.

I don’t want this to be a Beltway conversation and it struck me that our social media experiment might be a good vehicle for getting those of you in the field to weigh in….

Click through to the post to reflect on read some questions he asks to get the discussion started and to offer your thoughts.

If you want to leave a comment at The Lead our question is what do you think about this use of social media?

Chuck Blanchard is a former member of the blogging team at The Lead.

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Chuck Blanchard
Chuck Blanchard

Thanks John! We really welcome comments. If folks want a more private conversation they can email me at Charles.blanchard[at] This is an experiment to see if we can use social media to get more public comment/feedback to the otherwise insular halls of government.

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