Win £1000: why will you remain Anglican?


Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) writes Trust offers £1,000 prize for people to explain why they will remain Anglican:

A charity that aims to advance Christianity with Anglican principles has announced a prize of £1,000 for the best 5000-word answer to ‘Why I am an Anglican and believe I shall remain so’.

St Boniface Trust has been concerned that yet more divisions are being created within both the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Churches. Its response is to run the competition which is open to both lay people and clergy of all ages.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Trust said, “The Trust feels that more attention needs to be paid to the understanding of Anglicanism as a distinctive witness in a time when its self understanding is at a low ebb.

“There is a degree of urgency and to further this understanding it is offering a prize of £1,000 which will go to the writer of an essay of about 5,000 words on the subject ‘Why I am an Anglican and believe I shall remain so’.

“Essay submissions by lay people and clergy of all ages must be received by 1 January

2012 and entries will be judged by 2 senior clergy. The result will be announced next Easter and the winning essay placed on our website together with other significant contributions.”

If you are seriously interested in entering please contact the Trust secretary for further details. or write to David Prior, Secretary, St Boniface Trust 4 Cley View, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8NS, UK.

The Café does not know if this is open to those outside the Church of England but would be interested in your thoughts.

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I don't believe I'll enter the contest, even if entries from folks outside the Church of England are permitted.

The contest gave me an idea for filling up the churches: pay people to come, instead of asking for donations. I haven't yet worked through the problem of where the funds to pay people will come from.

June Butler

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