Who is Alberto Morales?


Responding to an older post from Preludium’s Mark Harris on the subject of ACNA’s Alberto Morales of Quincy, Puerto Rico’s bishop, David Alvarez, sketches Morales in … well, not the best of lights.

I want to make everyone aware of who Alberto Morales is. He came to the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico claiming ‘persecution’ from the then Roman Catholic Cardinal Mons. Aponte-Martinez. I was new in the episcopate and believed his story and also saw the benefit of having a religios order in the diocese since the Order Of The Transfiguration had been year ago in P.R. He was given a property to develop, employment in one of our schools and full participation in the life of the diocese. I ordanined him a deacon and priest. Also, I assigned him to my former parish of St. Hilda’s. Everything seemed well until he showed up at an ordination wearing a mitre. When I told him that he could not, his answer was that it was the custom for abbots. I told him that was with the great medieval orders and also that his order was in formation and did not have the 6 life professed members nor the canonical recognition in the Diocese of Puerto Rico. After that, he started a movement to try to divide the clergy against me. That led to the presentment of his canonical case of disobedience and violation of his ordination vows. He challenged the Standing Commitee which recommeded deposition. This was done and we have his full file to verify these acts. After that, he moved out of our property and established his own congregation with some former members of St. Hilda’s and other congregatiosn. After he saw he did not have the following he hoped for, he left the island for Quincy. I advised Bishop Ackerman who did not pay attention to my information about Alberto… I hope the new people he is with now see the reality before it is too late, as in my case.

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