Weekly Roundup for April 20


It was a week of big stories across the world, of fires and veanl presidents, but here are some of the smaller stories you may have missed.


Around the Episcopal Church
We’re a little late picking up this one, but it may be the best preaching-mishap story ever. People listening to a livestream of a sermon had their Alexa’s order toilet paper after hearing the pastor use this as an illustration of social isolation


Bethesda Episcopal Church in Saratoga Springs, NY has created a non-profit to oversee building of a community center to assist the homeless as well as serve for parish functions. Aside from their creativity, I mention this because this was where I first encountered the Episcopal Church nearly 30 years ago.


A downtown church in a big building in a hard-pressed city re-tooling to be a more prominent community resource


St Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Buffalo, NY held a 4 1/2 hour psalm marathon (all 150) on Good Friday
a href=”https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/13/niagara-falls-episcopal-parish-sets-good-friday-psalm-marathon/”>https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/13/niagara-falls-episcopal-parish-sets-good-friday-psalm-marathon/


Your weekly reminder by certain conservatives that Episcopalians aren’t “real” Christians


An interesting opinion piece linking Bp Curry, Mayor Pete, and the Episcopal Church’s move towards greater inclusion



A new campaign has launched, calling on the Church of England to end its ban on same-sex weddings

and coverage here


Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, spoke of the importance of real repentance in addressing long-standing social ills; naming men for #MeToo as a concrete example of what needs to happen.



A profile of ministry students from Evangelical backgrounds who have turned to Anglicanism



Anglican Communion
Just some great photos of Nigerians marking Palm Sunday


Interesting profile and history of the first Anglican church east of Suez from local media


The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Dr Josiah Idowu-Fearon, is pushing for peace in Nigeria’s embattled Kaduna state.



And the Rest
A very interesting story on a Jewish woman’s response to her mother’s murder in the Pittsburgh synagogue attacks to find a way to connect to non-Jews at Passover.


Orthodox priest attacked in Washington State by Trump hater who blames Christians for his election (I’m sure it made sense to him at the time?)


A report on the latest Gallup survey findings that shows Americans are going to church less even though reported belief in God is fairly constant.



image: Members of St Bartholomew Cathedral Church, Kubwa Diocesan Anglican Communion in Kubwa, Abuja, marking the Palm Sunday. NAN image.



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Christopher SEITZ
Christopher SEITZ

Good essay re: the mayor of South Bend and Mike Pence. Thanks for posting it. Pence comes out sounding very generous of spirit.

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