UTO contributions increase $80,477.51


Good news from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs:

Donations to the United Thank Offering jumped over $80,000 while grant applications increased.

According to information from the United Thank Offering Board:

• The 2013 ingathering amount is $1,525,407.78, an increase of $80,477.51 from 2012.Unknown-1.jpeg

• Similar to the previous year, all but five dioceses of The Episcopal Church contributed to the 2013 ingathering prior to the December 31 deadline. In addition, a contribution was received from the Anglican Diocese of Uruguay. (Information on specific dioceses or provincial ingathering amounts is available from provincial representative to the United Thank Offering Board.)

• As of the February 28 deadline, 86 grant applications have been received: 60 from Episcopal Church dioceses for projects or programs within their diocese; 16 “companion applications” from an Episcopal Church bishop on behalf of a diocese outside of The Episcopal Church; 10 from members of the Anglican Communion. The focus for the 2014-2015 United Thank Offering grants is The Gospel of Love proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

• Currently, the United Thank Offering Board is reviewing grants in preparation for the May meeting in Saint Louis, MO. At that time, the Board will approve awards for forwarding to the Executive Council for approval at the June meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

• All applicants will be notified by the United Thank Offering Board of their status after June 15 with all grant awards being paid by June 30.

For more information on the United Thank Offering or how parishes can participate, contact the Rev. Heather Melton, United Thank Offering coordinator, or visit UTO online.

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John B. Chilton
John B. Chilton

That's a 5% increase. I suppose "jumped" is an apt descriptor. What's the trend been over a longer period? The press release is scant on details. Is it perhaps more transparent than in the past? I don't know. But my Google skills failed to quickly answer my question on the trend.

The good news is the UTO has survived the painful governance disagreements.

Is $1.5 million a lot?

[Math error corrected.]

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