Unintended alliances


In The Guardian (UK), Episcopal Cafe Senior Editor Jim Naughton writes a response to the Question of the Week, “What is the future for Anglican conservatives?”

…if Rowan Williams succeeds in his misguided effort to establish a single-issue magisterium that determines a church’s influence within the communion, a significant risk remains. That risk is run not by the Anglican left, which has nothing practical to lose, nor by the Anglican right, whose leaders embarrass less easily than Donald Trump and don’t fear public opprobrium. Rather, the parties at risk are the Church of England and the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, which may find themselves at the head of a communion synonymous with the agenda of the American right.

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5 Responses to "Unintended alliances"
  1. This has been an excellent couple of weeks for progressive Episcopalians coming to terms with the fact that moderation in the face of extremism serves only the agenda of the extremists. Jim Naughton has helped spearhead this. Thanks, Jim - this is a fine piece. Let us all, on a regular basis, take to task those who mislead and dissemble, slandering us - they certainly have no hesitation continually throwing out the same old lies, "Four legs good, two legs bad" fashion.

    Roger Mortimer

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