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Our goal at the Episcopal Café is to share the story of the Episcopal Church and the wider Anglican World.  Our purpose in that is two-fold; first, we believe that a better informed church is crucial to holding one another accountable in moving forward Christ’s mission through the Anglican tradition, and second we believe that by telling the whole story of the church we are sharing God’s good news.

Your organization can support our mission and share your own story by being an underwriter.  Underwriters messages can be displayed as a banner at the top of each page or as a block on the side. To find out more or to become an underwriter today, contact our Managing Editor, Jon White, at

Advertising Rates

Ad Type Ad Rate Image size
Banner $125 per week (Sun-Sat)

$400 per month


300×250 Mobile

Sidebar $75 per week (Sun-Sat)

$225 per month


Display images can be in .png, .jpg, or .gif format. If you are interested in a video display, we can do that too. Most underwriters submit their already-created image, but if you’re not sure how to put together an image that pops, we can help you create your display for a small additional fee.


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We also offer you the ability to reach our social media audience with sponsored posts. Our Facebook page has been liked by more than 27,000 and also has 27,000 followers and our Twitter account is closing in on 19,000 followers. Please contact us to determine rates based on your social media campaign goals.


To place an ad, please contact Jon White at


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