Presiding Bishop helps the Diocese of Ohio celebrate its Bicentennial

Presiding Bishop helps the Diocese of Ohio celebrate its Bicentennial

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry joined the bishops, clergy, and people of the Diocese of Ohio to celebrate their bicentennial anniversary. On Friday, he addressed clergy and senior wardens at a lunch in Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland. Saturday, he preached and presided at a Convention Eucharist. On Sunday, he will meet with youth and young adults before celebrating a Eucharist at the diocese’s new Camp & Retreat Center, Bellwether Farm.

In Saturday’s sermon, Bishop Curry exhorted the Diocese of Ohio

to witness to […]

#Unholy 3 : Bishops United Against Gun Violence

#Unholy 3 : Bishops United Against Gun Violence

The Unholy Trinity conference discussing the intersecting problems of racism, poverty, and gun violence, comes to a close in Chicago today.

Yesterday, the conference took their prayer to the streets in a public liturgy calling for systemic change, church support, and the Spirit of God to confront real and deadly problems in this city and

Baptism at the Bethany Beyond the Jordan

From the site of the cave of John the Baptist (so it is believed to be), you can look across the Jordan River to Jericho. From biblical detective work to archeological evidence, those caring for the Baptism Site at Bethany beyond the Jordan believe that they have identified the bend in the river where Jesus came to John to be baptized.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area is surprisingly dry at this time of year. The river has receded […]

Faith, language, and communication

The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf is located in Salt, just a short drive from Amman, Jordan. It caters to around 120 students aged 3 1/2 to 21, about 90% of whom live on site. Executive Director, Brother Andrew A.L. de Carpentier is originally from the Netherlands, but when a friend asked him to help run a youth center for deaf children in Lebanon, he found a new vocation, and a new home.

Brother Andrew became fascinated by sign language; […]


Today, October 4, is the feast day of Francis of Assisi. This past weekend, many churches celebrated the season by inviting animals to their regular services or holding special animal blessings at church or in the community.

This small selection of picture posts from Sunday comes from the Facebook feeds of: St Bart’s NYC; St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, AR; St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Silicon Valley, CA; Prince of Peace a Episcopal Church, Dallas, PA; St Alban’s Episcopal Church, Waco, TX; […]


Did your church participate in Social Media Sunday yesterday? Let us know how, and with what results! In the meantime, enjoy a tiny sample of some Episcopalians who shared their church via #SMS16.

At least 36 dead, scores injured at Istanbul airport

As thoughts and prayers stream across social media sites, incredibly, the Ataturk international airport in Istanbul, Turkey, has already reopened following a terrorist attack that claimed at least 36 lives and injured many more. The Turkish prime minister has blamed ISIS for the latest deadly attack in that country.

Image via Twitter (multiple

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