Two new seasons for Friday Night Lights?


Western Civilization is on the verge of acquiring a new two-year lease on life according to a report in Entertainment Weekly:

It’s not quite a touchdown yet, but at least they’re near the end zone.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that NBC is engaged in active talks with DirecTV to extend their unique shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights. But there’s a catch — and it’s a good one. According to an insider close to the negotiations, DTV and NBC might only seal the deal if they can get – holy Connie Britton Taylor! — a two-season pickup.

Though a spokesperson for NBC Universal declined to comment, a Peacock insider acknowledges that the studio is “actively looking at ways to keep FNL going.” Another NBC source adds, “We’re very optimistic a deal will be worked out.”

You can watch the show tomorrow night at 9 p. m. and follow some high-quality conversation about the show at Slate’s TV Club.

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Peter Carey

Wow, that is great news!

Friday Night Lights is just the kind of gritty, and REAL, show that may just reflect the times we're in...

[Now, if only we can resurrect the Book of Daniel - which spawned this Episcopal Cafe!]

...ok, back to the hoops,


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