Two crucial days: supporting universal background checks


Vincent DeMarco, national coordinator of Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence spoke at the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops Meeting in March. He sent this email to member organizations this morning:

Dear Interfaith Partner,

The next 48 hours are critical for gun violence prevention, as the U.S. Senate returns to Washington and could begin to vote on these bills as soon as Tuesday afternoon. There are two very specific ways you can help:

Join survivors, law enforcement, medical and public health experts, domestic violence advocates, and people of faith in a massive letter generating project over the next 48 hours. We have made this as easy as a few clicks through our website, which will convert your message into a fax and send it directly to Capitol Hill.

Yes, I will send a message today!

On February 4th, an interfaith effort organized by Faiths Calling (a project of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism) generated more than 10,000 calls to Congress on gun violence prevention in just one day! Now, we’re hitting replay. Please be sure and join dozens of national faith denominations and groups and call your senators on Tuesday, April 9th!

CALL 1-888-897-0174

to be connected directly with your senator(s).

Visit for more information.

The Senate vote is truly an uphill battle, and we do not yet know that we have the votes needed for this to pass — and while we will keep working tirelessly no matter what, a loss in the Senate would obviously be a huge setback for our progress this year. So, now is the time!

Please help by sending your letter on Monday and making a call on Tuesday!

Thank you,

Vincent DeMarco

National Coordinator

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Thank you for posting this.

I've also set up a Cause you can post on various social media sites to encourage action. It includes a link to Americans for Responsible Solutions which makes it very easy to contact your Senator.

Thank you!

Laura Toepfer

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