Tweeting the Bible: one chapter at a time


Ethel Ware Carter is tweeting the Bible 140 characters at a time here. So far:

Flights of doves and an olive branch. God remembers Noah in the “biblical sense” and smells the sweet savour of offerings. Genesis 8 #RCCAtl

Forgive the hero, you who would have died gladly with all you knew; he rode that tide to Ararat; all are Noah’s sons. R. Wilbur, Genesis 7

5:49 PM Aug 9th via web

#God declares an age limit; our #evil grieves him to his heart. #Noah gets the blueprint. There’s gonna be a floody, floody. Genesis 6

6:40 PM Aug 6th via web

The days of #Adam and his descendants number into 900 years in some system of counting? #Methuselah inspires songs and sayings. Genesis 5

6:22 PM Aug 5th via web

We invent #murder – a brother’s blood cries out. Did you notice being hidden from the face of God was punishment too great to bear? Genesis4

5:29 PM Aug 4th via web

Of a crafty #serpent — wait, I believe this is the story of man’s first #disobedience. Man, woman, was that a #fortunatefall? #Genesis 3

8:51 PM Aug 3rd via web

#TreeofLife, #TreeofKnowledge, and a river runs through it. And ah, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. #Genesis 2

6:34 PM Aug 2nd via web

First Tweet of a big project, the #Bible. Sound. Lights. Multiply. It was very good! #Genesis 1

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Twitter is a fascinating new land in which many people live and hence the church needs to have a presence! Great to see Ethel Ware's creative presence.

I find twitter a mostly very positive place where people are seeking to enrich their own and other people's lives (cf the negativity of the YouTube comment culture). Surprisingly my twitter is the second most followed in my country has about 74,000 people following.

Bosco Peters

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I must admit the utility and appeal of twitter completely escapes me.

Ditto Facebook.

Bunker Hill

Spearfish, SD

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