Trinity Wall Street on “Occupy Wall Street”



Trinity Wall Street Rector, The Rev. Dr. James Cooper, issued a statement on the “Occupy Wall Street” protest.

Trinity Wall Street respects the rights of citizens to protest peacefully and supports the vigorous engagement of the concerns that form the core of the protests – economic disenfranchisement and failure of public trust.

As a prayerful community with a deep history of relationships in Lower Manhattan, Trinity continues its pastoral outreach and welcomes any of those involved in the ongoing situation to parish spaces.

Included in the statement is an invite to keep all those involved in prayer:

As the protest unfolds, I invite you to hold all those involved in your prayers: the protesters, neighborhood residents and business owners, the police, policy-makers, civic leaders, and those in the financial industry – all – and to consider the ways we might take steps in our own lives that improve the lives of others.

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2 Responses to "Trinity Wall Street on “Occupy Wall Street”"
  1. It might actually amount to something were all the "Job Doers" to go on strike against the "Job Creators" who depend upon them. Occupying Wall Street has little value other than theater and actually reinforces the role of the police as protectors of the "JCs" instead of building an alliance with them as fellow Job Doers.

    Occupy the Posh streets of every city until the self absorbed have to pay some attention. Alinsky turned things around in his work in Rochester by discomfiting the wealthy opera mavens. They told their hubbies to negotiate!

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