‘Theology After Google’ conference videos available


You may have heard or read a few weeks ago about Claremont School of Theology‘s recent conference, “Technology After Google.” The several sessions from this event have been made available online, and contain titles like “Organizing for Justice in a Googled World,” “Theological Education On-Demand,” and “Two Thousand Year Old Practices for 21st-Century Persons.”

This was an event, the L.A. Times reported, at which sentiments such as these were uttered:

“I think things like denomination and ordination are part of the old system of control and domination that has to go.”


“You can be a free agent. You could start your own church, go to a little faith community down the street, you could go to a mega-church. You could be a Methodist today, Anglican tomorrow — it’s your choice.”


“God may not text you today… And are you going to be patient with a God who doesn’t move at a digital speed?”

It was also the event that caused one blogger to take note of a

motif that ran through every speaker and every workshop … : we best follow Jesus by attempting to be Christ-like to the people around us … by attempting to meet them where they are. Using new technologies, and thinking in new ways about our faith are part of that. The central Christian questions and concerns are still our concerns, but the answers can be affected by the new things we’re learning and the new conversations we’re having.

Maybe a little something there to comfort you. Maybe a little challenge as well.

The conference used the Twitter hashtag @tag10.

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