The kindness of a remorseful stranger


Sam Hodges in the Dallas Morning News:

A mysterious stranger with a conscience left a cashier’s check for $3,255 at Dallas’ Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, explaining in a note that he was trying to atone for crimes of his past.

Two other times this year, the financially strapped church has had scatterings of $20 bills turn up unexplained in the vestibule, apparently stuffed through a gap in locked front doors.

Though no note came with those donations, the Rev. Canon Victoria Heard speculates they were from the same man.

Regardless, she’s grateful.

“It was a godsend, especially in the middle of the winter when our fuel bills are the highest,” said Heard, canon-in-residence at the Far East Dallas church.

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Peter Carey

Since money does hold such symbolic weight for us in this society, I wonder if we might be more courageous to speak boldly about the practice of giving to churches along with our contrition and penance during Lent.

Lord knows our mistakes and failings have effects that ripple outwards in ways that are at the same time spiritual and materially tangible...

Very interesting story!

Peter Carey+

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