The coexistence of God and evolution


The Washington Post reviews three new titles advancing the case for faith-based belief in evolution in tomorrow’s Book World: Thank God for Evolution, by Michael Dowd; The Faith of Scientists, edited by Nancy K. Frankenberry; and Saving Darwin, by Karl W. Giberson.

… It’s getting hard to tell the players without a scorecard in America’s most peculiar culture war: the battle between evolution and its enemies.

Spectators often see this conflict as a straightforward affair. On one side, scientists pile up physical evidence; on the other, biblical literalists scorn that evidence as a snare of Satan. Adherents of ” scientific creationism” and “intelligent design” blame evolution, with its explanation of how all living beings evolve through chance and natural selection, for everything from abortion to the Holocaust. Returning fire, the British biologist Richard Dawkins rides the bestseller list with his polemic The God Delusion, dismissing not just creationists but religious folk generally as dupes and creeps.

As if to annoy Dawkins, now comes a parade of books that jumble the sides and soften the tone of this conflict.

The review of the books is here.

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Michael Dowd

The title of my book is actually "Thank God for Evolution" (not revolution). [fixed, ed.]

The Washington Post book reviewer failed to mention that "Thank God for Evolution" has been endorsed by 5 Nobel Prize-winning scientists and theologians and ministers across the theological spectrum. See here: and here:

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