“The holiest iPad”: Pope Francis’ mobile device auctioned off for charity


What do you do with an old iPad? Put it up on eBay and try to recoup some of the original investment? Send it to electronics recycling? Give it to your 10-year-old?

Pope Francis’ old iPad brought $30,500 at auction in Uruguay after the Pope gave it to a priest there in hopes that “he would find a way to do something good with the tablet”:

The priest donated the iPad to the Francisco de Paysandu high school, which will receive the $30,500 windfall from the holiest iPad.

The name of the winning bidder has not been released.

Pope Francis said during a Google+ Hangout in February that he doesn’t know how to work a computer, but that hasn’t stopped the Argentinean from being a technology evangelist.

Aside from tweeting and participating in two Google+ Hangouts, Pope Francis has also proclaimed the Internet to be a “gift from God.”

(Which makes one wonder, might the Pope be a gift to Google+ ?)

The ABC News report is here.

Time/NBC adds:

The iPad is inscribed with the message “His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013″ and includes a certificate signed by Fabian Pedacchio Leaniz, the Pope’s secretary.

Posted by Cara Ellen Modisett


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