The Good Book Club returns Epiphany, 2019


From the Office of Public Affairs:

Following a successful and well-received Good Book Club during Lent and Easter, plans are being finalized for the next Good Book Club journey – the reading of St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans during the Epiphany season.
The Good Book Club is an Episcopal churchwide initiative.  In its first outing, the Good Book Club invited the reading of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles during the liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter 2018.  Led by Forward Movement, the Good Book Club readings finished on Pentecost (May 20).
The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  “We were thrilled to see the broader church come together to read the Bible together, every day,” noted Richelle Thompson, Forward Movement Deputy Director.  “Along with our partners, we heard from people across the church—from around the United States, in Canada, and even Uruguay—tell us about how the experience strengthened and deepened their spiritual lives. And they asked to do it again, with another Good Book Club!”
Using their own Bible, online Bible studies, podcasts, video series, daily devotionals, in-person studies, and other resources from over 20 partner organizations, resources were widely accessible in print and digital formats, with social media sharing the wide variety of engagement opportunities throughout the church. …
… Building on the enthusiasm and interest, the next reading will be in 2019 during the liturgical season of Epiphany, starting on January 7 to Wednesday, March 6 (Ash Wednesday).

The choice of the Letter to the Romans was based on survey responses from participants in the first Good Book Club.

Read more and sign up for updates via the Office of Public Affairs.

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