Telling our Stories


Feast Day of St. Andrew

John 1:35-42

Over the years many of my church friends have told me profound stories of moments when they have either been close to God or have been surprised by God.  These tales have been a comfort and an inspiration to me in my own journey into relationship with the Holy.  I pull them out in moments when I feel alone and far away from where I need to be.  In following the Way of Jesus they are some of the things that always lead me true.

Andrew is the saint of personal evangelism.  He was a disciple of John the Baptist who met Jesus, went to see where he was staying, and began to follow him.  He invited his brother, Simon, soon to become Peter, to get to know Jesus, too.

Those personal stories of ours that we think of as profound, but that we keep close and don’t share often because we are afraid of how they will be heard and interpreted – those tales are important for us to tell.  Our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, family friends and close buddies need to hear them.  God speaks that way – calls his followers to him like he called Peter through Andrew.  We don’t have to thump a Bible or get up on a soap box to do the work of evangelism in the world.  All we have to do is share what we know of our experience of God from the heart.  Everything else is God’s business.



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