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The bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, told the Guardian some religious leaders of “colluding with a system that marginalises the poor.” He told the Guardian, … “self-styled evangelicals” risked bringing the word evangelical into disrepute, and added there was no justification for Christians contradicting God’s teaching to protect the poor and the weak. “Some…(Read More)

This originally appeared on the website of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City, NY   By The Very Rev’d Michael T. Sniffen, Dean   Many public theologians and clergy in The Episcopal Church are weighing in on the issue of whether or not President-Elect Donald Trump’s name (and not just his…(Read More)

This Epiphany, let’s practice looking up, looking for a star, and not just hanging our heads and hiding our eyes from what’s in front of us for fear of what’s going to happen in the next step or two that we take. Follow the star, keep the faith, and plunge ahead…(Read More)

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