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Howard White, Jr, has been sentenced to 18 months in exchange for pleading guilty to molestation charges dating back to 1973, when he was the chaplain at St George’s School in Rhode Island. The Boston Globe reports, Howard White Jr., who was also accused of sexual abuse in three other states and stripped of…(Read More)

Deposed priest Howard “Howdy” White Jr. has been charged with assault and battery in Boston. He pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday. White was assistant chaplain at St. George’s School in the 1970s when the crime is alleged to have occurred. The victim was a male student at the school. Rhode Island was unable…(Read More)

Even if you were sexist at St. George’s, much of the responsibility for creating the culture of the school rests on the adults in charge. You weren’t the one who thought up school-required situations like “Casino Night” where the new girls — 13-, 14-, and 15-year-olds — dressed as Playboy bunnies and…(Read More)

“We are committed to keeping God’s children safe, and we are heartbroken when we fail,” Bishop Scanlan said. “My hope is that the appalling events documented at St. George’s School will lead our church to intensify its efforts to protect young people in every setting, and continue our commitment to preventing abuse with…(Read More)

Beginning shortly after girls were admitted, new female students (in either the ninth or tenth grade) served as “bunnies,” an ostensible honor that required that they don Playboy costumes—leotards, bunny tails, and ears—and act as servers for the predominantly male student body and faculty who enjoyed casino games as the girls dispensed fake…(Read More)

The Providence Journal has The Rev. Howard White, ex-St. George’s assistant chaplain, accused of sex abuse at N.H. prep school. An excerpt: An alumnus of St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, has accused the Rev. Howard W. “Howdy” White Jr. of sexually abusing him during White’s time there between…(Read More)

The agreement comes before a report expected this month by a third-party investigator hired by the prestigious school, and SGS for Healing, an alumni survivors’ group into sexual abuse of dozens of students by teachers and staff in the 1970s and 1980s…(Read More)

The Rhode Island State Police and the state Attorney General have announced there will be no criminal charges in the sex investigation of St. George’s School. The Providence Journal: An extensive seven-month investigation into systemic sexual abuse at St. George’s School found “no prosecutable criminal conduct,” and has been closed, State Police…(Read More)

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