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The European Court of Justice has ruled that employers are within their rights to ban visible symbols of religion, including clothing and accessories. The Church of England issued a statement via Tumblr decrying the ruling as “preferencing ‘freedom to conduct a business” above the religious freedom of expression, and voicing concerns about the potential breadth…(Read More)

The Guardian describes as “insensitive” attempts by Christian aid workers to convert Muslim refugees to Christianity during their detention at an asylum center on the island of Lesbos, Greece…(Read More)

This tiny city of some 2,000 is overwhelmingly white and Christian, and home to a group of young women who sued their school district for the right to display banners bearing Bible quotes, while serving as cheerleaders for their high school team. The case was brought in 2012, after the school district banned the…(Read More)

The effects of French laws passed in 2004 and 2011 banning veils worn by Muslim women, as well as other public dress expressing religious views, seem to be snowballing in ways that are restrictive rather than freeing, and conducive to anti-Muslim action ranging from community enforcement and proposal of legislation: Mainstream politicians continue to…(Read More)

Arkansas’ state capital of Little Rock has just passed legislation protecting its citizens against state legislation. As reported in news outlets including the Associated Press and picked up by news media including  The Colorado Springs Gazette, a 7-2 vote in city council passed an ordinance “to prohibit the city and companies contracted…(Read More)

Update, 4:43 ET: According to The New York Times, Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson has responded to criticism of the state’s religious rights bill (full story here): Facing a backlash from businesses and gay rights advocates, Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas on Wednesday called on state lawmakers to either recall or amend legislation billed…(Read More)