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Falls Church, the Episcopal church in the northern Virginia town of the same name, is an historic congregation, dating back to before the Revolutionary War. The building of Falls Church was erected in 1769, and although there are no definitive records of slaves doing the work, there is sufficient evidence to draw that conclusion. On…(Read More)

Talking about race and racism is scary, challenging, and the conversation is often imperfect. Yet, it is immensely necessary to the important work of repentance and reconciliation…(Read More)

A release from The Episcopal Church: Young Adult Pilgrimage to Ferguson, MO to focus on racial reconciliation and justice Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church, has announced a new initiative and partnership to encourage young adults to engage in racial reconciliation and justice at the important site of Ferguson, MO. Bishop…(Read More)

He is honored for his article “Wake the Devil from His Dream: Thomas Dudley, Quincy Ewing, Religion, and the ‘Race Problem’ in the Jim Crow South” published in the December 2014 issue of Anglican and Episcopal History. The selection committee noted the article makes excellent use of primary and secondary sources to create two portraits…(Read More)

Bishop Marianne Budde reflects on the experience of two priests who were stopped by the police while driving through North Carolina with members of their family…(Read More)

“Race relations in America were good, and on this black-and-white America generally and pretty overwhelmingly agreed. Whatever the heady admixture of ideas and emotions that produced that data, that picture of America in 2009 is now orphaned…(Read More)

The United States’ multi-racial population has grown at three times the rate of the general population since the beginning of the millennium…(Read More)