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I have always been drawn to the water. The infinite possibilities of an empty horizon, and the wash of air surrounding my body with its humid embrace speak to me of prayer. It seemed right, and a good and joyful thing to go down to the lake before our summer music camp began, to swim…(Read More)

It’s time to connect with God, and connect with my neighbor, not just on a cell phone, or chat, or a tweet, but in face-to-face, hand-to-hand, eye-to-eye ways. Time to reconnect with God, because that’s the most important connection of all…(Read More)

That’s the power of this prayer; the power of Jesus’ admonition to pray. There is such beauty in this prayer. It’s this prayer that unites us into community. It’s this prayer that comes to us in our deepest need and our deepest joy…(Read More)

No, it’s not the prayer said by a comedian before going on-stage, it is a book that explores prayer through comic art written by Heather Annis, Director of Children and Youth Ministries at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Barrington, Rhode Island…(Read More)