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In a move against climate change, at a time when Donald Trump is considering withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement, Nine Catholic organizations from around the world have announced they are divesting their savings from coal, oil and gas companies in a joint bid to fight climate change. According to Religion News, those…(Read More)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported that Kelly Gissendaner was executed by lethal injection at 12:21 a.m., despite pleas from her children, clergy, protesters and Pope Francis, after the Georgia Board of Paroles and Pardons and the U.S. Supreme Court both denied clemency. From The Atlantic: Doug Gissendaner’s parents and siblings…(Read More)

In his address to American Bishops, Pope Francis recommended that they focus on their work as pastors, spending individual, close, time with their congregants. The statistics blog FiveThirtyEight analysed this statement in conjunction with 50 years of data collected by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. FiveThirtyEight found that…(Read More)

Retired Bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, is one of the White House papal visit guests over whom the Vatican has expressed concern. Bishop Robinson responded by writing an open letter to the Pope, which can be read in its entirety at The Daily Beast. There…(Read More)

Pope Francis, on his third day in Ecuador, spoke to his concerns on the environment, in particular on the fate of Equatorial Amazon, to an audience that included people indigenous to that region. In Religion News: The pope has said he wanted the encyclical to influence a United Nations climate change summit in Paris in…(Read More)

Cathy Lynn Grossman, writing for Religion News Service and published in Crux, reports on the leaking of a draft of Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, to be released officially on Thursday, in which he states that climate change exists, is caused by humans and is having its most devastating effects on the poor. The…(Read More)

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