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On post-theism


In a previous article that I wrote for the Café’s Magazine, Facets of Identity, my remarks on post-theism generated numerous comments as well as social media attention. Comments clustered around three questions: what is post-theism, what does post-theism say about belief in Jesus as the incarnated Son of God, and is…(Read More)

We break this bread…


“And I looked around that gate of late and weary ones and thought, This is the world I want to live in. The shared world. Not a single person at that gate seemed apprehensive about any other person. They took the cookies Not everything is lost…(Read More)

Facets of identity


These four terms – Christian, Anglican, Episcopalian, and post-theist – are how I describe my religious identity. I choose which term(s) to use on a particular occasion depending upon context and what I want to communicate about myself…(Read More)

Christian formation and identity for me were shaped not just by difference, but by contradiction and conflict. From my own earliest experience of church community, my family was out of sync with people in our church that we loved…(Read More)

Increasingly I realize that Baptism is what makes us part of a worldwide communion. I am ready to celebrate the faith we share, ready to be challenged by those Christian theologies that are different from my own (though, if I am honest, I don’t want to be challenged too much….). I want to believe…(Read More)



Last week we asked what does being Episcopal mean? And we invited you to offer up your own answers. We had some wonderful responses and some push-back as well…(Read More)

What is #myepiscopalidentity?


In light of the ongoing debates within the Anglican Communion, we’ve been wondering how Episcopalians understand their identity as Episcopalians.  So, we thought we’d just ask.  You can submit a regular submission for publication or write a post on your own blog or tumblr or add a photo to Instagram or maybe even…(Read More)