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UPDATED: …we wait for healing together and, in concert with our Baptismal vows, we pledge to be conduits through whom God brings healing and renewal to others. We also commit to allowing other human beings to be vessels through whom God brings healing and renewal to us, for receiving is always its own kind of…(Read More)

So, in some sense, the work of the members is the work of the church. In other words, getting disciples to share the Good News and to serve the world, etc., is the work of the church. But in another sense, it’s worth thinking about a nuanced difference between the church’s work and…(Read More)

At the ongoing ACC meeting yesterday, the Department Directors for mission gave reports on their work, work that includes empowering discipleship and tackling gender inequality; promoting reconciliation and supporting humanitarian work in conflict areas and following disasters…(Read More)

The Most Rev. Josiah Atkins Idowu-Fearon, secretary general of the Anglican Communion, said Anglican and Episcopal women must continue – and redouble – their work to change the fate of women and girls in their communities, including by working with their national and local governments. He delivered his remarks and took question at the Episcopal…(Read More)

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