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How is it that five barley loaves and two fish were enough food to fill 5,000 people? And, there were leftovers! How is it then that with all of the resources in the world, so many people are starving…(Read More)

But the hope of scripture is not tied to any particular outcome. God is not Santa and neither is God the Grinch. Hope lives a life of its own. Hope has much more, I think, to do with presence…(Read More)

2FAB Lenten Special #3


In this episode we continue on the Way of the Cross with stations 5 and 6 – “The Cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene” and “A woman wipes the face of Jesus…(Read More)

…every year, the liturgical calendar invites us to set aside forty days to be especially intentional about contemplation, growth, soul-searching, prayer, and turning. Surely, life will lead us into personal deserts that will accelerate our spiritual growth if we allow them…(Read More)

Faith is that which gives us the courage and the strength the persevere and to dare. Faith is the thing that gives us wings to carry us over the times of distress in our lives…(Read More)

It’s my prayer that throughout Lent and in the coming months we can acknowledge the challenges and the callings of following Jesus. That we can see the brokenness in our world and respond. That we can rejoice together in our joys. That we can together sing that it is indeed a wonderful world…(Read More)