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This past week the Lambeth Conference Design Group has been meeting for the first time. Two things have been set. The 2020 Conference will be during July of 2020 in Canterbury England. The theme of the Conference will be “God’s Church for God’s world…(Read More)

Paul Bagshaw has written an essay on the state of the Anglican Communion after the most recent Primates Meeting, and his thoughts are similar to mine. The threat of the primates dictating terms beyond the borders of their own provinces ebbs as the threat of a Communion run by the Archbishop of Canterbury and a…(Read More)

Last year’s Lambeth Conference had some problems, at least financially speaking. A just completed audit of the funds raised and spent to hold the conference has uncovered some serious concerns about decisions made. While the Lambeth Conference Funding Review Group acknowledged it found no evidence of financial malpractice or dishonesty, its 17-page report…(Read More)

Design team declares victory


The Lambeth Conference Design Group, meeting one last time to review last summer’s gathering of Anglican bishops, was unanimous in its assessment that the 2008 conference was an overwhelming success, says the Rev. Ian Douglas, the group’s only U.S.-based Episcopal Church member…(Read More)

Following the discussions on the proposed Anglican Covenant in Lambeth this summer, the Covenant Design group has met in Singapore and released a compilation of the concerns raised by the bishops this summer. In addition they have outlined the next steps that they suggest be taken in the process and included a questionnaire…(Read More)

The Archbishop of Wales yesterday warned any attempt to find a quick-fix solution to issues dividing the world’s 80 million Anglicans would “end in tears”. He told the Church in Wales’ Governing Body in Lampeter that sexuality should not be a “Communion-breaking” issue and that Churches should not be required to sign…(Read More)

The Guardian takes note


Riazat Butt of the Guardian has written a brief article about Bishop John Bryson Chane’s column on the Lambeth Conference that appeared on the Cafe earlier this week…(Read More)

The Window looks in on Lambeth


The Washington Window’s coverage of the Lambeth Conference is now online. The main story begins: “The bishops of the Lambeth Conference walked a novel route to a familiar destination.” While the sidebar commences: “The bishops at the Lambeth Conference didn’t talk exclusively or even primarily about sex. The rest of their conversations just…(Read More)

What holds Anglicans together, I learned in confirmation class, is not set doctrine but common worship, though of course we are always in conversation about doctrine and tradition. That has been what I’ve understood about being Anglican, and that’s been my experience at worship. So some of what’s coming out of Lambeth…(Read More)