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A Sign

by Laurie Gudim

He reminds them that they know how to interpret the signs of the sky – whether it will be a rainy day or a fair one.  Why can’t they interpret the signs of the times…(Read More)



by Kristin Fontaine

It is the ‘Blessed is…takes no offense’ structure of the verse that perplexes me. I am blessed if I take no offense in what Jesus says and does…(Read More)


We are all out sailing on the sea of life. As you consider your own journey, the storms you’ve passed through, or the storms you may be in the midst of, may God bring you out of your distress…(Read More)


The same traveling rabbi who offered a tender yoke to the down and out of his time makes the same offer to us today. If you’re tired of it all, if you somehow got yoked to a worrisome old dogma or doctrine, toss it off. That thing is not the yoke of Jesus. His…(Read More)


“When he saw that they were straining at the oars against an adverse wind, he  came towards them early in the morning, walking on the sea.” Mark 6:47-56 The sea walker calms wind and waves of restless sleepless nights. Bringing the sunrise out of the cloudbanks on the horizon of fear.   &nbsp…(Read More)

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