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his passage serves as a reminder that our tendency is to think of God through the lenses crafted in our humanity or in our family.  If we are used to experiencing erratic and capricious behavior, we are prone to think of God in the same terms…(Read More)

All the people I meet, every day, are temples. It is our true nature to be receptacles of the living breath of God. The Holy Spirit roosts in each one of us, speaks the language of each one of us, shares the sorrows, terrors and joys of each one of us…(Read More)

The Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity – One God in three expressions. We know that. It’s basic theology to our church. But I am not sure we have taken the time to appreciate it because I think that The Holy Spirit sort of freaks us out. Well, at least she freaks me…(Read More)

Despite Duncan’s caution, the special convention came very close to creating a crisis in ACNA. A significant portion of clergy and lay voted for a candidate whose behavior violated the “teaching about the life-long permanence of Holy Matrimony” as delivered by the ACNA College of Bishops…(Read More)

The first time I heard the word “paraclete” used in a sermon, I thought the preacher was saying “pair o’ cleats.” I kept thinking, “Why’s Jesus talking about cleats? Baseball and football hadn’t been invented yet…(Read More)