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Chick was known for his Chick Tracts; controversial comics rooted in his own fundamentalist Protestant worldview. His tracts were notoriously anti-Catholic and also attacked Freemasons, Muslims, Jews, and other groups whose views he deemed contrary to his own evangelical brand of faith…(Read More)

Photo of emotional intelligence mind-map exercise via Tracy Rosen Writing about emotional intelligence and the fundamentalist interpretation of sola scriptura, author Richard Beck asserts that the mark of a fundamentalist is the lack of awareness of their own hermeneutic. Beck identifies several statements that demonstrate this; he cites “this is the clear teaching of…(Read More)

American Apocalypse book cover art

Matthew Avery Sutton explores Christian fundamentalist opposition to the Affordable Care Act, climate change, and Federal versus State governance in his newest book, American Apocalypse. The Bible doesn’t directly address States rights, or healthcare models, but fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity has had a large presence on these issues. Sutton’s curiosity resulted in a…(Read More)