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Roots of Faith


It is an easy thing look back at moments in history and say ‘I would never have done that.’ I would never have: owned people as slaves, driven indigenous people from their land, paid unfair wages, watched as neighbors were loaded in to trains to death camps, bought land and possessions dirt cheap from people…(Read More)

Are you the Pharisee, the sinner, or one of the bystanders? Regardless of where I locate myself in this story on any given day, I find it to be a prompt to approach Christ, whether at the altar or in a neighbor, with great love. And to ask the question, ‘with whom am I eating…(Read More)

What sat so badly in my gut those many years ago was the perceived necessity of making the Work somehow palatable to those who would, or should do it. The Work is all around us, all the time, and it is deeply un-sexy stuff…(Read More)

by Laurie Gudim   Romans 9:19-33 Mary, a friend of ours, lost her son to mental illness.  He died at home in a city on the other side of the country from where his mother and father lived.  His body was not discovered for several days.  When Mary and her husband were notified…(Read More)

Constraining love


We wrap Jesus up in a nice clean (or dusty) package so as to keep it from any kind of change. We humans love, love, love to domesticate God, describing God in detail, accommodating a certain nostalgia – when God is in fact a mystery…(Read More)

Is there a morality that isn’t grounded in religious faith? Who are the great thinkers and moralists of that movement? Sociologist Lori Fazzino tells an interviewer that atheists are misunderstood, and just as moral as Evangelical Christians, in an interview about her graduate work and personal spiritual history…(Read More)

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