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Though the parishioners, former and current are hurt, the primary victims are, and always will be, the children who were sexually exploited and abused in the creation of this material. Creator, distributer, and viewer are all culpable— this material would not be created were there no audience…(Read More)

The Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs has issued the following media release: Input, comments invited for Episcopal Church 2019-2021 triennium preliminary draft budget [November 13, 2017] Episcopalians across the church are invited to review and provide input and comments on the preliminary draft of the 2019-2021 triennium budget. “In the current and…(Read More)

Christ Church, Alexandria in Virginia, founded in 1773, has a rich and complex history, which is represented by two plaques dedicated to Robert E. Lee and George Washington hanging at the front of the church. Both men were members of the church and were involved, in various ways, with its development. For several years now…(Read More)

The provincial delegate and the churchwide delegates will be able to attend the official United Nations Commission on the Status of Women proceedings at the United Nations and will represent the Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion in their advocacy at the UN, including joint advocacy with the group Ecumenical Women…(Read More)

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