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Yesterday on ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” program, the Most Rev. Justin Welby said that he couldn’t understand why any Christians backed President Donald Trump. “I really, genuinely, do not understand where that is coming from.” He also chastised the president for his “completely unacceptable” views on women. An exit poll after the election…(Read More)

“Limited” – “practically non-existent” – “frozen out” – this is non-Christian-evangelical faith leaders are describing their access to the White House, in contrast with the communication lines that previous presidents, Republican and Democrat, have kept open…(Read More)

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby had strong words about the state of western politics at the opening of the General Synod of the Church of England in London yesterday. The Guardian reports, The archbishop of Canterbury has grouped Brexit and the election of Donald Trump with the revival of nationalism, populism and even fascism across…(Read More)

I sometimes strain to see the reign of God, the “yeast action,” at work in my country these days. Even many who name themselves Christian incarnate values of denigration, domination, greed, division, baseness, and every form of oppression, mostly notably racism…(Read More)

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