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There have been some things which didn’t kill me, and also didn’t make me stronger. I wish people would stop saying stuff like that. Let’s face it, life can leave you weak and half-dead, trapped in death clothes that won’t come undone…(Read More)

How have we not learned that the transformation of dead matter (failure, death, loss) into an agent of growth is the pattern we see everywhere—from the smallest plant to the evolving cosmos continually expanding and birthing new life from the detritus of death…(Read More)

We were designed to listen with our hearts, to perceive with the eyes of the soul. Praise and enjoyment of God’s flamboyant, enthusiastic artistry expressed in all the beauty of the world – indeed of the universe – is our duty…(Read More)

Death and memory


Marilyn McCord Adams reflects on dementia’s ability to rob us of ourselves It is one thing for the body to stiffen and atrophy, wear out, “dust to dust” returning. But it is another when the mind has such difficulty pulling itself into focus enough to pay attention, when it becomes such an effort to…(Read More)

Knowing to whom we belong, we open ourselves to who we are meant to be. And then we open ourselves to astounding miracle and to mind boggling transformation, at our deaths and in every single day of our lives…(Read More)

As long as we allow death culture to reign over kingdom culture people can’t become saints. Death culture makes it impossible for people to do anything except survive. But — and this is the good part — with God all things are possible. We can move from being a society of survivors to a society…(Read More)

…it reminded us that Emery’s love and faithfulness still reverberated through the world. That love may linger in the memories and lasting example of a beloved friend. It may also walk up to us in the guise of a stranger. But no matter what, love is never lost…(Read More)

One woman came in to report a stolen flower basket from her father’s grave. A man in camouflage pants and a bright running shirt wondered aloud if cremation would allow him to be buried in two different places: “I don’t want to get cut in half.” Earlier in the week, another man came…(Read More)