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Tag: #DailySip

A Song Lyric of Fire

“I am Seraph. I am one of the Seraphim. My name comes from the Hebrew word “seraph” which means “to burn.” When we speak in the temple, it fills with smoke and its timbers shake in the midst of our fire, and our voice.
Our fire is part of all fire and all fire is part of us. 
We clean.
We prophesy. We destroy. We create fields ready for new growth. We are fanned by ecclesial arrogance and human greed.
We are not in Manhattan on 9/11, nor are we in California on 9/12.”

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On Disappointment

“John O’Donohue, my spiritual and writing hero, calls hurt and loss “dark gifts.” And I find that intriguing.  In order to metabolize disappointment, we need resilience and what psychologists tell us about resilience is that it is like a muscle.  It gets stronger as you use it – as you lift heavier and heavier things.  And what we know about muscles is that the lifting rips their fibers – and the ripped fibers are what, when healed, build more muscle.”

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Letter to a Young Priest

“Gather around you kind, honest parishioners. And one effective spiritual director – older, wise women work best.  They will keep you honest and humble.  They will apply bandages when you fight incompetent authority – for you will be wounded in those fights.  But you will also be blessed by the good, honest parishioners, clergy, and bishops whose goodness you will discern out of your spiritual disciplines and who will nurse you back to health.”

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Curious and Kind

“Your savings account is not everything.  Your health is not everything.  Your possessions and house are not everything.  Your resume and your offspring are not everything.  Your creeds and your rituals are not everything.  Indeed, nothing outside of you is everything.  Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything and will get you through this.  But beware, for they are hard, internal work. Stop being right, and choose instead to be curious and kind.”

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“I am soon to be on my annual week of retreat which totally sucks.  Being on retreat from social media, technology and work is a part of my Rule of Life; and I usually hate it.  I quite like the anesthesia I have collected over the years – tools I have and use to “not feel pain.” And a retreat is an un-anesthetized week of silent reflection. It will follow a week of vacation this year, so not only will I be bored, I’ll be rested and bored. Ugh.”

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“Cloistered as we are within homes and small circles of family or COVID-approved-house-guests, we are spending much of our time with people who know us very well.  And people who know us well are armed with knowing our soft-spots; where to place the verbal blade for maximum pain and maximum bleed.  Not always, but sometimes.  That is why betrayal by a close friend or loved-one is exponentially more painful than a wound inflicted by a stranger.”

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Daily Sip: I Want my Black Jesus

“I want that kind, humble black or perhaps brown man.  Where has He been these 2,000 years? If I wipe off the plaster and paint of our statues will he be there underneath?”

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Tell Your Story

“Dominating regimes will fall.  They fall not because people are good.  They fall because the planet was created VERY good. It seems to be a living organism. Something is connecting the good of the planet between people and between all living things.”

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