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I do hope my daughter feels safe, but I also hope she doesn’t stay there. With the love and hope and grace of a church community behind and with her, she can traverse this life and world speaking and living the hard truths. The necessary truths to living the Gospel…(Read More)

Not a word of what Jesus said to the children is recorded in scripture, but what a powerful lesson he preached. He swept aside the barriers raised against the children. He did not just talk to them of God’s love. He held them in that love. He blessed them with it…(Read More)

The Rt. Rev. Andrew Waldo, bishop of Upper South Carolina, has penned an editorial expressing his, and several other bishops’, support for increased education funding in the state of South Carolina. Bishop Waldo explores the various ways in which the Episcopal churches of his diocese are seeking to support the educational process through tutoring programs…(Read More)

Drawbacks of Sunday School


In an article on Patheos, Tim Wright argues that one of the contributing factors to the rise of the ‘spiritual/not-religious’ generation is, of all things, Sunday School. He argues that the pattern of separating children from ‘big people church’ for so many years in no way prepares them to take their place in…(Read More)

Not long ago, a young girl named Charlotte wrote to the folks at Lego: I am 7 years old and I have LEGOs, but I don’t like that there are more LEGO boy people and barely any LEGO girls. Today I went to a store and saw LEGOs in two sections…All the girls…(Read More)

The Rt. Rev. Susan Goff, suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, recently returned from a trip to Guatemala. While there, the news of the children migration crisis in the States became apparent. She posted a reflection about her experiences there on the diocesan webpage. She writes: As we talked with friends, old and new…(Read More)

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