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As we prepare to enter the holy season of Lent, growing awareness of our own sinfulness can begin to weigh heavy on our hearts and souls. The poem Love (III) by George Herbert offers a helpful reminder that God meets us where we are- messy and broken- and welcomes us with an invitation…(Read More)

If we are not ready to forgive I have heard it said that simply intending to one day be able to forgive is a first step on the journey of forgiveness and healing. I have also read that it is not possible for humans to forgive; only God can forgive. Once again, however, it is…(Read More)

My brother’s keeper


On April 6, 2015, a man walked out of a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, and got a ride to the Raleigh-Durham airport. He flew to Portland, Oregon, and started a new life. His new residence: a fold-out couch in my home office…(Read More)

In flesh and enfleshed


THE MAGAZINE by Maria Evans “Now such remarks have I wished to advance in defense of the flesh, from a general view of the condition of our human nature. Let us now consider its special relation to Christianity, and see how vast a privilege before God has been conferred on this poor and worthless substance…(Read More)

On friendship and feet


In the Magazine we’re investigating “Brokenness.” In this piece, the author speaks of a powerful experience of transformation and redemption found through washing the feet of a stranger…(Read More)

In the Magazine we’re investigating “Brokenness.” In this piece, George Clifford explores brokenness in ministry and how the church must strive for wholeness in its ministry…(Read More)