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One of my on-going projects has been to encourage people to get their estates in order. As part of the work I have done on that topic I have learned how little our personal possessions mean to the friends and family we leave behind…(Read More)

It’s a special show to celebrate the second anniversary of Popping Collars. Betsy, Burl, Cara, Greg, and Liz give their top three book recommendations for summer reading. What makes a great summertime book and what do we look for from the written word that we don’t ask of other media…(Read More)

“The Good Death”, out on February 16th, is the first book by writer Ann Neumann, a visiting scholar at The Center for Religion and Media at NYU, who has also been a hospice volunteer, tending to the dying as they approach the end of their lives. Neumann’s exploration of dying has been called “a…(Read More)

“The Name of God is Mercy”, the first book by the pontiff since he became pope, recounts a conversation between Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli and Pope Francis on mercy. Michiko Kakutani is positive in her review for the New York Times, noting that the Pope seems to live in accordance with the principles of mercy…(Read More)

The state of reading in the USA


When electronic devices such as the iPad and the Kindle Reader were introduced there was a prediction of the death of the physical book. However, reports of the book’s demise have so far been premature. But it is interesting who it is that is reading the books, Barna Group wanted to know…(Read More)

David Brooks, op-ed columnist for the New York Times, has just written “The Road to Character”, a book about the path to living as a moral person. Writing in the Times, he gives a few examples of the virtues he believes moral people possess, presenting a sort of ‘moral bucket list’. Oliver Burkeman interviewed…(Read More)

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