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New Hampshire Bishop Robert Hirschfeld is preparing to lead a 40-day pilgrimage on the Connecticut River, from Northern New England near Quebec to the Long Island Sound…(Read More)

The Rt. Rev. Jake Owensby, bishop of the Diocese of Western Louisiana, wrote a moving and thoughtful article about his relationship with his mother and its imperfections, experienced through the lens of processing her belongings after her death…(Read More)

A task force studying the ministry of bishops is working on “What does the church in 2017 need in bishops?” The Task Force on the Episcopacy was established by Resolution D004 of the 2015 General Convention. Deputy News: “There is a confluence of issues influencing our work,” says the Very Rev. Gary Hall, a retired…(Read More)

Fifteen bishops have issued a joint statement in response to the recent executive orders undoing the previous administrations efforts to respond effectively to climate change.  The entire statement is below.     We live in a time of unprecedented global change spanning scientific discovery, technological innovation, and human development. This extraordinary moment offers an equally…(Read More)

A Nursery for Ambition?


OPINION: GC Task Force on Episcopacy is considering creation of a list of “pre-approved” candidates for bishop’s elections, which Frederick Schmidt argues is a perilous idea; a profound theological and spiritual mistake…(Read More)