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Prodigal cat


by Linda Ryan One of my boys went walkabout for a bit this morning. I had held the door open for just a few seconds too long and out he went, tail straight up with enthusiasm and racing away as if celebrating a release from jail. He hadn’t done this for a couple of…(Read More)

Do animals grieve?


Something on the emotions of animals for all who have been celebrating their animals companions and all other animals this weekend. What did your church do this year? Add links in comments. A gallery from website has a review of Barbara King’s new book How Animals Grieve (University of Chicago Press, 2013: There is…(Read More)

Carmina the cathedral cat: RIP


We are saddened to tell you that the Cathedral Choral Society’s beautiful kitty, Carmina Chanté Schumann, was fatally struck by a car on Woodley Rd. on Tuesday evening, November 1…(Read More)

Slugs and suffering


On the eve of Pentecost in gorgeous Northern Californian spring weather, we were in the midst of dinner when my wife noticed a small slug munching silently on a potted succulent outside on our apartment deck. Before we had thought things through, we were encouraging our six-year-old son in the age-old biology…(Read More)

Some time back as I drove to work, I noticed a dead squirrel in the middle of the opposite lane. Two other squirrels were trying to rouse him, shaking his body to and fro without success. A third was chattering from the bank on the side of the road, clearly agitated. They were all running…(Read More)

Mourning Diamond


When she was gone and lay lifeless on the floor, we agonized over whether we had made the right treatment choices: to amputate her leg after the diagnosis of OS six months ago or to put her to sleep right then and there; to gauge almost on a daily basis how much pain she was…(Read More)