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“God our companion, You inhabit the silence of meaningless pain You breathe our wordless lament You swallow the bitterness of our shock Stay with us, Lord, and pray…(Read More)

“As we turn our hearts to the very wide community of the Humboldt Broncos, we turn them to God in prayer for mercy and comfort in the midst of their deep sorrow…(Read More)

“The view he held and holds is that it is acceptable and permissible for a priest of one church of the Anglican Communion to exercise priestly ministry in the geographical jurisdiction of a second church of the Anglican Communion without the permission of the Ecclesiastical Authority of that second church…(Read More)

Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver BC, is engaged in a years-long renovation of their historic Vancouver building. The most recent phase of the renovation has enlarged the size of the parish kitchen, installed a new zinc roof, power-washed the masonry exterior and erected a stained-glass bell tower with 4 new bronze bells…(Read More)

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