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Last week, the main litigation over property in the diocese of San Joaquin was decided in the Episcopal Church’s favor. The Cafe had the opportunity to talk with Bishop David Rice about where the diocese goes from here and how this decision will affect the diocese…(Read More)

Despite Duncan’s caution, the special convention came very close to creating a crisis in ACNA. A significant portion of clergy and lay voted for a candidate whose behavior violated the “teaching about the life-long permanence of Holy Matrimony” as delivered by the ACNA College of Bishops…(Read More)

In 2014 the Charleston Post and Courier, published an article referencing an Archbishop of Canterbury interview headlined Archbishop says ACNA not part of the Anglican Communion. The interview was conducted by the Church of Ireland Gazette: Justin Welby said, It is not part of the Anglican Communion … [ACNA is] a separate church…(Read More)