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A new Café coming soon


On Monday, June 5th the Episcopal Café will not be available while a week of work on our new site design begins. During that time, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter…(Read More)

Ten years ago today, the name Episcopal Café was launched onto the internet and into the world…. So, thank you for ten years of online community; and here’s to the next ten years…(Read More)

Episcopal Café’s former editor, Jim Naughton, is raising funds for Episcopal Relief and Development running with the House of Deputies team. The Café urges you to contribute in his name to thank him for his vision of a progressive church news site. Click here to learn more. Hey, I believe in the work of…(Read More)

Farewell, sorta, kinda


This is my last day of editing a weekly page of The Lead. I feel it is time to turn the work over to new members of the team. It has been a joy and learning experience to participate in spreading the good news of the progressive Episcopal Church. Jim Naughton asked me to join…(Read More)

The founder and former editor of The Episcopal Café, Jim Naughton, today was awarded The House of Deputies award. Past and current members of the Café team congratulate Jim. The recognition is well deserved. Congrats to @JimNaught, who received the House of Deputies Award for his work as editor of @episcopalcafe! #EDOW2015…(Read More)