Sunday Social Hour


This week on our social networks: A facebook bug prevented page posts from going on to users’ feeds for a while midweek, but we caught it in time to let people know to stop by. Twitter is rolling out a new interface to keep us all on our toes, but we’re finding it easier to spot our retweets and mentions in it, at least.

On Facebook, to the question of whether the miner’s faith will “stick,” Ellen Lincourt points out, ” All of our faith changes as we go through life. I feel absolutely blessed that I have grown to understand how kind God has been to me. So, perhaps it will ebb and then later in life come back stronger. Whatever they are doing, God will still be with them. I do worry that fame may cause them to stumble, but haven’t we all stumbled now and then in our walk with God?”

Here’s a new fun thing: I’m going to recommend some people to check out on Twitter based on the fact that they retweeted us this week–and this list just scratches the surface.

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