Struggling to reach a new level of maturity


Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has a long-view column in the Guardian. Her conclusion:

The Anglican communion’s present reality reflects a struggle to grow into a new level of maturity, like that of adult siblings in a much-conflicted family. As we continue to wrestle, sufficient space and respect for the differing gifts of the siblings just might lead to greater maturity in relationship. This will require greater self-definition as well as decreased reactivity. Jesus’ own example in relationships with his opponents and with his disciples will be instructive.

Read it here.

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Jim Naughton

An insightful and bracing assessement of where we stand. No false optimism here. I was afraid all of our bishops were going to come back from Lambeth singing Kumbaya. It is encouraging to see the PB has taken the measure of the situation.

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