Starting with God


I could easily start this post with all the ways I desire to be more intentional.

I could write of my guilt.

I could write of my frustrations.

I could write of constantly trying and falling down again.

I could write about my desires that never materialize.


But I won’t start there.
I won’t start with me.


I’ll start with a breath.

A pause.

A hope.
A wish.

A prayer.

I’ll start with God.

With love.

With hope.

With grace.

With forgiveness.


I’ll start with the Spirit.

With movement.

With fire.

With wind.


I’ll start with Jesus.

With compassion.

With service.

With friendship.


When I look outside myself.

When I look within, deep within.

It’s not about me.

Or what I’ve done or will do.

It’s not about what I’ve failed to do.


It’s about me being loved.

And loving.

Over and over again.


It’s about the intensity of God’s love.

So great and wide and big.

So all consuming.


It’s about the presence of the Spirit.

Wherever I go and through whatever I do.


It’s about Jesus’ call.

To walk with me and surround me.

To call me on this journey.


So this morning I’m grateful that it’s not about my intentions,

But about the intentions of the One who first called me.


I’m reveling in this call and love and grace.

I’m delighting in being delighted in.


For God’s intention is to love me.

Forever and ever.

For all time.




Image: Pixabay

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