Sports, and the separation of church and fate


Phil Mushnick writes in his New York Post article that he wants football coaches, and other sporting types, to stop trivializing religion:

That brings us to football as religion, and whether we’ve lost sight of the separation of church and fate. Saturday, after Arizona State, at home, defeated Notre Dame, ABC/ESPN reporter Todd McShay had ASU coach Todd Graham for a chat. Didn’t matter what McShay asked, Graham was ready with his “answer.”

“Well, first of all, man, I just wanna thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, for allowing me to coach this team. And I’m gonna tell you this: He has had His hands on us.”

With the coach of the Sun Devils having dished a layup, McShay passed on a Golden Dome opportunity to follow with, “Even against Notre Dame?”

That Jesus has his hands on ASU’s football team may explain its eight wins, but leaves its 62-27 home loss to UCLA to spiritual speculation, as do the arrests of ASU players for charges ranging from DUI to domestic assault.

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