Speaking out


Paul Rauschenbusch argues that Christianity is the common thread in the current wave of LGBTQ oppression.

Because of this. then, Christians need to be on the front lines of those fighting for the freedom and dignity of all persons–otherwise, our religion will be entirely co-opted.

Recent events around the world show us that sitting on the sidelines is no longer permissible — especially for Christians. We cannot let others speak for Jesus. Our faith is being used to do serious harm to LGBT people. Showing love for our neighbor today, as commanded by Jesus, means stepping up and standing in solidarity with our LGBT sisters and brothers around the world


Read the whole thing here.

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Clint Davis
Clint Davis

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Rome need to step up and be very explicit in their condemnation of these atrocities. There is simply no reason not to. It is ridiculous to let this go on so long and not say something before it is frankly too bloody late, if that's the phrase.

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