Speaking to the Soul: when a child cries at church


Is there any word more holy than the cry of a child –
“Abba”, Umma”; or the wordless wail of the spirit
that groans with sighs too primitive for speech,
or the infancy of laughter that bubbles from beneath
the waters of creation?

When Jesus preached from the mountainside
and the wind whipped his words, skipping like stones
across the surface of the Sea, some were smothered
in the folds of the children rolling in the grass;
none was lost.

The Revd Rosalind C Hughes is the Rector of the Church of the Epiphany in Euclid, Ohio. She is currently on sabbatical, soaking up wisdom from other churches and their children. Her blog, over the water, is at http://www.rosalindhughes.com

Featured image: Let the Little Children Come unto Jesus, Carl Bloch [Public domain], via wikimedia commons

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